Bergamo Loreto Bridge Association, to play bridge in Italy


Welcome to our Bridge Association in Bergamo (Italy)

Our location is now closed, due to Covid-19; we organize Mitchell tournaments on BBO on Monday (4.40 pm), on Saturday and Sunday (9.24 pm)

Bridge is a card game played by over 220 million people worldwide, probably the most popular indoor game. Everyone may play bridge, at any age, anywhere, inexpensively: bridge offers opportunities for meeting , aggregation and social life and a formative experience for young people, who can get used to analysis, synthesis, deduction, logical reasoning before taking decisions; for elderly people bridge becomes unique for mind exercise.

We play bridge in this building, in Bergamo (Italy, near Milan) learning bridge After playing a bridge competition, our club members watch the 
		results on a large screen

Learning to play bridge

Every year our club organizes courses for beginners, held in italian by qualified bridge teachers (certified by FIGB , the Italian Bridge Federation).

Duplicate Bridge Competitions

Bridge is defined as a true mind sport: it is not only a game, but it may become competition and sport, at every level. Normally the competitions, usually called "Tournaments" , are held indoor, in the bridge clubs, but for important events Congress Centers, Sport Palaces and, why not, outdoor spaces , like specially fitted Squares, can be utilized.

Bergamo Bridge Club calendar

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